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I am Dr David Fletcher, CEO and Founder of CLA Inc., excited to welcome you to our passion project of INSiGHTTM Academy

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CLA Academy
Dr. Trey RodriguezPax Chiropractic

CLA scans are where it’s at. If you are using or thinking about using CLA scans, definitely have to check out the INSiGHT Academy. David and his team did an outstanding job on putting the entire series together. It is legit. Dig in and master your craft even more!

CLA Academy
Dr. Kyle TrontvetRestore Chiropractic

Loving the new INSiGHT Academy!! Finally, a way to access CLA training right from your phone, with videos and scripts, and handouts to make it easy to learn CLA scanning, interpretation, and communication! So AWESOME!!

CLA Academy
Ashley ReissingReissing Health Family Chiropractic

We enrolled and I’m so impressed.
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INSiGHTTM Academy Essential Courses

The Essentials Courses are your guide to becoming an INSiGHTTM scanning expert pro

Insight Scanning

Welcome to INSiGHTTM Scanning

Get informed about what to do when your INSiGHTTM technologies arrive, how to get them onboarded.

Software Integration

INSiGHTTM Software Integration

This ‘how to’ course introduces you to your cloud-based application. You’ll be guided on how to onboard your technologies.

Introduction to INSiGHT

Introduction to the INSiGHTTM

Learn about each of the INSiGHTTM technologies. Lots of detail about how to use them when scanning!


Increase Your Impact and Grow Your Understanding of The INSiGHTTM Technology

The INSiGHTTM Academy Essentials courses will position your practice as the office that offers solutions. The INSiGHTTM gives your office the power to attract more new patients.

Not just any new patients but the kind that learn to use chiropractic as it was meant to be: a lifelong experience of feeling better, staying well and exploring their full potential!

Get the Most of Your INSiGHTTM Technology

INSiGHTTM scanning technologies are your passport into the future. Scanning the spine and nervous system allows you to focus on a neuro-adaptive approach where powerful technologies and reporting strategies confirm a next-level commitment to families in your community.

The INSiGHTTM Academy Essentials bundle was carefully designed for you and your team to help you become experts in using the technologies, interpreting the results, reporting the findings and preparing care plans.

CLA has a variety of tools to support you on your journey to becoming a Scanning Pro! We have online learning manuals, getting started guides, live tech support and NOW the INSiGHTTM Academy. Learn through the INSiGHTTM Academy today!

Learn More and Become a Force in Your Community

Today’s most influential practices move the message from the spine to the nervous system.

The INSiGHTTM Academy is your resource to learn new strategies in communication and care planning using objective data. You’ll be introduced to CLA Incs Patient Life Cycle, so you can attract new patients, deliver clinical excellence and report with greater confidence.


Elevate Your Scanning Experience With INSiGHTTM Academy PLUS

Become a member to supercharge your scanning knowledge to expand your expertise and grow your practice

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