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Reason #572 why I love INSiGHT scans:

I was explaining how the neuroTHERMAL works to a NP who is 24 weeks and pregnant with baby number three. She stops me and asks, since her scans showed her GI issues, if I could scan her 4 year old as well. He had a virus 2 weeks ago, lost 8 lbs, didn’t seem to have energy, and didn’t even want to EAT anymore! A 4 year old not wanting to play or simply eat that hasn’t gained any of that weight back? MD’s said he’s “fine” and recommended to just give him time. GI specialist wasn’t available until April so Mom was like, “Well let’s give chiropractic a try for him too!” Love it when patients say that, cause I’m about to rock their world. After 3 adjustments this week, Mom is happy to report that he is eating again and actually has the energy to play! He’s also gained about 3lbs back already! I can’t wait for what his progress scan is going to show! Love this technology and chiropractic always works!! ❤️❤️❤️


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