Dr. Gary Barone

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Dr. Fletcher’s comments about sport chiropractic and use of CORESCORE Reporting.  I have been a sport chiropractor for 16 years, but only recently started to appreciate how the Subluxation Station and function of the nervous system pertains to athletic performance. The realm of sport chiropractic and vitalism is not that well represented. Spot chiropractors of this generation appear to be more mechanistic.

Dr. Fletcher really nails down and provides clarity for me on how it all works together.  It has been a period of transition for me, developing my brand, shifting the direction of my sport chiropractic practice to have a vitalistic flair, and honing a clear message for my practice that helps me stand out from the rest.


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Lisa Marie Vasquez

Dr. David Fletcher

DC FRCCSS(C) – Founder & CEO CLA Inc.

Dr. David Fletcher is actively involved in all aspects of innovation teaching and research connected to the INSiGHT™ scanning technologies. He is widely recognized for his ability to share his expertise in compelling and easy to understand ways. Dr David is a renowned chiropractor who practiced for many years with his associates in a scan-centric thriving principled family-based practice in Toronto. He is a sought after teacher mentor and keynote speaker who takes every opportunity to share the wisdom and the power of chiropractic as it is meant to be.

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