Dr. Margie Smith

Iif I could make the INSiGHT a huge success on my small scale, a traditional practice model would have no issue implementing this into their practices. It’s a matter of taking a practice (any practice) from symptom/pain based to wellness/function based. I also find it a crucial part in the transition from an insurance-based model to a cash-based one. If we are expecting people to pay us their hard earned money, we better have an objective clinical tool to show the justification for care (and continued care) and the Insight scans are the gold standard in chiropractic, IMO.


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Lisa Marie Vasquez

Dr. David Fletcher

DC FRCCSS(C) – Founder & CEO CLA Inc.

Dr. David Fletcher is actively involved in all aspects of innovation teaching and research connected to the INSiGHT™ scanning technologies. He is widely recognized for his ability to share his expertise in compelling and easy to understand ways. Dr David is a renowned chiropractor who practiced for many years with his associates in a scan-centric thriving principled family-based practice in Toronto. He is a sought after teacher mentor and keynote speaker who takes every opportunity to share the wisdom and the power of chiropractic as it is meant to be.

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