On Demand Webinars

Register for on-demand webinars designed for chiropractors in any stage of practice. Our scalable solutions and practical guidance will help you reach more patients, grow your practice, and create a life of freedom.

  • Get Ahead of the Curve

    This Masterclass will enlighten you about how to use INSiGHT scanning to shift your practice to neurologically-based chiropractic care. Scanning will guide you to make the invisible visible to your patients as you utilize objective digital exam findings to show and tell your clinical findings.

  • Invite and Attract New Patients

    This webinar will provide practical strategies to maximize your efficiency, attract new patients while profiting financially. Learn about how to leverage digital technology to perform examinations and communicate your findings with certainty.

  • The Adaptability Project: Using HRV / CLA’s neuroPULSE and reporting autonomic reserve

    Learn how HRV can become the “heartbeat of the practice” and how adaptability and a well adjusted nervous system are measured using CLA’s neuroPULSE. HRV shifts the message towards neurologically based communicatinon and consistent adjustments are the future of chiropractic.

  • Using the 33 Principles as a guide to the “Neuro Adaptive Revolution”

    Chiropractic care and outcomes are based on 33 timeless Principles. Today’s INSiGHT scanning technologies offer the most comprehensive approach in measuring and reporting the impact of the subluxation on the coherence within the nervous system. This webinar brings together the power of technolgy with the science and principles of healing.

  • The Neuro Dynamics of Prenatal and Pediatric Assessments featuring Dr. David Fletcher and Dr. Kyle Trontvet

    This class gives a quick and excitng view of the importance of caring for pregnant woman and children in your practice. Dr. Kyle Trontvet and Dr. David Fletcher provide an overview of how to utiize objective digital exam findings to show and tell your clinical outcomes.

  • Why INSiGHT scanning makes perfect sense in building a high retention family practice

    Get enlightened on why scanning will grow a family based, high retention practice. Shifting from symptom-only care opens the door to lifelong retention and referrals. By looking deeper into the nervous system with the INSiGHT, patients understand the power that chiropractic offers.

  • C2K Summit

    Today’s practices flourish when kids and parents discover chiropractic. Buckle up as four pediatric and family practice gurus share their secrets. You’ll be able to use their practical solutions, all backed by academic concepts, to gain confidence as you attract and manage kids and their parents in your practice. Featuring: Dr. Tracy Wilson, Dr. Tony Ebel, Dr. Amy Spoelstra, and Dr. Michael Hall.

  • C2C Summit

    Open up to the possibilities that await you as Dr. Monique Andrews shares neuroscience gems, Dr. Brett Jones delves into the philosophy of exceptionalism and Dr. Tamara McIntyre shares her clinical science expertise in this one of a kind masterclass. Dr David Fletcher weaves it together as he shares how using scanning technology prepares you to soar in the neuroAGE of practice!