Compare INSiGHT Scanning Software Operating Systems

Synapse (Latest Operating System)
  • Launched in 2021
  • Scan from an iPad
  • Report from an iPad, Mac or PC
  • Cloud-Based data security
  • Access 2 CORESCORE options: Adult and Children
  • Scan offline at screenings
  • 20+ reports to communicate objective findings
  • AirDrop, email, markup and project from an iPad
  • neuroLINK patient education within the app
  • Access to INSiGHT Academy training for DC and CA
  • Revolutionized scanning in 2015
  • Cloud-Based data security
  • Scan from a desktop PC or Laptop
  • Access the Adult CORESCORE
  • neuroLINK patient education in the software
  • Access to INSiGHT Academy training for DC and CA

Synapse has been Designed with Stunning Reports and Scan Views that Capture the Attention of Your Patients

Instantly show how powerful chiropractic is using iPad scanning and reporting. It’s never been easier to grow the practice that you’ve been dreaming of.
Show, Don’t Just Tell

This iOS App distinguishes your practice using state-of-the-art technologies to deliver objective findings as you plan and provide patient care

Today’s patients seek offices that use leading edge technologies to provide them with the best care possible

Benefit to you:

With Synapse you will: Be seen, Be heard, Be certain

Benefit to your patient:

Instant recognition of the impact that stress is having on their health

CORESCORE: The Neurological Report Card

Synapse creates Adult and Children’s CORESCORE reports that compare progress over time

Start with their Initial exam; move to Progress; jump to Comparative and carry on with Continuation CORESCORES

Benefit to you:

You’ll always have a clear, objective perspective of your patient’s nervous system

Benefit to your patient:

Patients find the CORESCORE easy to understand because it shows measurable progress making the invisible, visible

See the CORESCORE in action at 3:15 in the Synapse Video below

Create Individual and Dual Reports

You can use 1, 2 or 3 INSiGHT technologies in any exam

Choosing any combination of the technologies produces a distinct report that includes built-in interpretation, scores and the ability to share scan results

Benefit to you:

Customize your use of INSiGHT scanning technologies to match your scanning and reporting style

Benefit to your patients:

Patients can instantly see and read about their results from any scanning assessment

See Reports in action at 2:30 in the Synapse Video below

Expand your story with the neuroLINK

neuroLINK is Synapse’s built in patient education tool featuring neural connections between the spine and end organs

It highlights affected spinal nerves so patients can learn that chiropractic care is not limited to back or neck problems

Benefit to you:

Easily shifts the conversation from how your patient feels to the how the nervous system controls their body’s functions

Benefit to patient:

Patients understand the connection between their spine and their overall health

See the neuroLINK in action at 3:15 in the Synapse Video below

Generate personalized Scan Views with pre-set templates

We provide several CLA recommended Scan View templates that have been designed by chiropractic experts

You can also create any number of customized, preset templates to make your scanning experience personalized and efficient

Benefit to you:

You or your team members can analyze and report from multiple scan views in a flash

Benefit to your patient:

Patients can see their progress and stay connected to their ongoing plan

See this in action at 1:5o in the Synapse Video below

Display Scans Many Ways

Avoid printing by sharing scans. You can email, text or AirDrop scans directly to the patient sitting in front of you from your iPad

Still like printing? No problem. You can print directly to your wireless printer from your iPad

Benefit to you:

Digitally shared or printed, scans makes it easy to share findings and they can then share their results with family members, increasing referral potential

Benefit to your patient:

Patients show greater connection to their care when provided with reports that are understandable and easy to read or retrieve on their own devices

See this in action at 2:55 in the Synapse Video below

See the features and benefits INSiGHT Scanning powered by Synapse can provide to your practice in action!

Synapse by the Numbers

What does it cost to upgrade to Synapse?

The cost to upgrade to Synapse is $999USD. All costs to upgrade to Synapse are included depending on requirements based on your CLA assets (i.e., data migration, INSiGHT Bridge, etc.)

*You can get CLA’s newest versions of INSiGHT Scanning Technologies for as low as $399 / month and save the $999 upgrade fee.


Duplicate technology (Thermal, HRV, EMG) will require a separate INSiGHT Bridge. In addition to the standard upgrade cost of $999USD, each additional bridge for duplicate technology is $699USD. For example, the cost to upgrade to Synapse for a practice with 2 neuroTECHs is $1,698USD. This would also be the cost if a practice had 2 neuroTHERMALs.


Synapse requires a recurring software subscription to operate just like our myINSiGHT software. The current Synapse subscription is $99/month or $995/ year (USD). A Synapse software subscription includes: Secure patient data storage in the cloud, unlimited live Technical Support, access to neuroLINK patient education system, software updates, access to the INSiGHT Academy and more.

Do I need an INSiGHT Bridge to connect my tech to an iPad?

Wireless INSiGHT scanning technologies purchased before July 2022 require an INSiGHT Bridge. CLA will review your techs Serial Numbers to confirm if an INSiGHT Bridge is required.

How do I get my practice data from myINSiGHT to Synapse?

The Data Migration from myINSiGHT to Synapse is included in a Synapse Upgrade purchase. You will be guided to schedule your Data Migration once you are ready.

How do I learn to use Synapse and train my team to use it?

Synapse was built to be intuitive with the idea that you and your staff could have the resources to master scanning quickly and efficiently. First, the Synapse App includes an in app Help Section. This library of tutorials on scanning, interpretation and reporting that can be accessed at anytime. It has detailed training for scanning, interpretation and reporting. Second, there is an online user manual that has search and key word options. Third, we offer online Quick Start Guides to provide quick access to information. Lastly, the INSiGHT Academy provides an entire course with many lessons specifically on Synapse.

*Please note that there is a learning curve associated with the use of Synapse. We encourage all offices who are considering using Synapse to be aware that they need to prepare ahead of time, do pre-learning using our vast learning resources including practicing scanning with Synapse on test patients.

What are the prerequisites to upgrade to Synapse?
  1. Use only wireless technologies. Synapse does not work with older wired INSiGHT tech
  2. Meet the minimal network and environment requirements on this checklist linked here.
  3. Have a team that is keen to learn how this new operating system works using the INSiGHT Academy Courses built for Synapse users.
Is a Software Subscription required to use Synapse?

Synapse requires a subscription just like our myINSiGHT software subscription. All Synapse subscriptions are automated and can be controlled directly through the secure doctor’s portal. The current Synapse subscription is $99/month or $995/ year (USD).
If you have an active myINSiGHT software subscription, your balance from myINSiGHT payments will be prorated at the time of data migration.

Is an iPad required?

Synapse is an iOS App. It operates on an iPad.
To operate Synapse, you must have an iPad that has iOS version 12 or higher. It is recommended that you select an iPad that has fingerprint authentication for ease of Synapse App access.

Certain features of Synapse (i.e., creating Patients) can be accessed from a computer web browser; but, you must perform scans from the iPad Synapse App.

Is it a big change to start using Synapse?

There is a learning curve associated with the use of Synapse. Many of the core components of scanning remain intact; but, there are many new features that require learning. For example, in Synapse there is a tool called Scan View Generator which replaces Report Builder. Once familiar, offices have reported preferring SVG but there is a learning curve to acknowledge the benefits. CLA has many learning resources to support you and your team. We recommend all team members within an office complete provided learning resources and practice using the new software with scans with test patients.

What do I need to buy to move over to Synapse?

To move to Synapse, you need to purchase a Synapse Data Conversion package to connect your technologies to the iPad app using the INSiGHT Bridge. The INSiGHT Bridge is a microcomputer that connects the Synapse App to your wireless INSiGHT Technologies. The conversion package includes and INSiGHT Bridge and data migration of your 9.2 or myINSiGHT data and is priced at $999USD.

Common Questions you may have about upgrading to Synapse

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