Dr. Angela Ciresi

One word sums up my experience with the INSiGHT™ – Congruency! It has been liberating having a reliable, efficient and objective measures of neural efficiency. – Not just talking about the importance of nervous system function, but being able to measure, and track it with everyone! I couldn’t imagine practicing without it.

Dr. Tony Rose

I was explaining how the neuroTHERMAL works to a NP who is 24 weeks and pregnant with baby number three. She stops me and asks, since her scans showed her GI issues, if I could scan her 4 year old as well. He had a virus 2 weeks ago, lost 8 lbs, didn’t seem to have energy, and didn’t even want to EAT anymore! A 4 year old not wanting to play or simply eat that hasn’t gained any of that weight back? MD’s said he’s “fine” and recommended to just give him time. GI specialist wasn’t available until April so Mom was like, “Well let’s give chiropractic a try for him too!” Love it when patients say that, cause I’m about to rock their world. After 3 adjustments this week, Mom is happy to report that he is eating again and actually has the energy to play! He’s also gained about 3lbs back already! I can’t wait for what his progress scan is going to show! Love this technology and chiropractic always works!! ❤️❤️❤️

Dr. Kim Tran
Dr. Matt Mutch
Dr. Tom Bench

Iif I could make the INSiGHT a huge success on my small scale, a traditional practice model would have no issue implementing this into their practices. It’s a matter of taking a practice (any practice) from symptom/pain based to wellness/function based. I also find it a crucial part in the transition from an insurance-based model to a cash-based one. If we are expecting people to pay us their hard earned money, we better have an objective clinical tool to show the justification for care (and continued care) and the Insight scans are the gold standard in chiropractic, IMO.

Dr. Margie Smith

Aside from serving our patients, using this technology is my favorite aspect of my job!!!!????

Becki DeWare
Dr. Brittany Richards

I want to say thank you- I am more successful in my practice than I have ever been. When I am open, I am waiting room only many days and I am a complete cash practice only (or check or charge), I see babies, pregnant mom’s, families, kids, and my space is in a 598 square foot office. It is all just precious!! The Insight is the heartbeat, next to the adjustment. I am turning the power on everyday and thank you and CLA for standing beside me…all the way, since 1994. You are AMAZING!!!

If there is ever anything I can do to help you and CLA thrive, do not hesitate to call me!  I am so excited and thrilled to have my INSiGHT™, I cannot help but tell others.

Dr. Christina Gray

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Dr. Fletcher’s comments about sport chiropractic and use of CORESCORE™ Reporting.  I have been a sport chiropractor for 16 years, but only recently started to appreciate how the Subluxation Station and function of the nervous system pertains to athletic performance. The realm of sport chiropractic and vitalism is not that well represented. Spot chiropractors of this generation appear to be more mechanistic.

Dr. Fletcher really nails down and provides clarity for me on how it all works together.  It has been a period of transition for me, developing my brand, shifting the direction of my sport chiropractic practice to have a vitalistic flair, and honing a clear message for my practice that helps me stand out from the rest.

Dr. Gary Barone
Dr. Megha Bagai
Dr. Cindy Frazier

There’s so many ingredients that go into running a thriving practice but I honestly believe that none are more important than having a high level of confidence and certainty that you are truly delivering the goods.  Now just to be clear I don’t mean just philosophical confidence (yes that’s important too!). I mean being able to see in black and white (or actually red, blue and green) the negative impact that subluxation is having on someone’s health potential and then on the flip side of that the positive impact that my care plan is delivering.  The INSiGHT™ Subluxation Station provides the confidence and certainty to help guide me and my care plans unlike any other tool in chiropractic. I’ve had an insight in my practice now for 17 years, it’s without a doubt one of the best investments I’ve made and I would not consider practicing chiropractic without one, it’s that simple for me.

Dr. Angus Pyke

I purchased the INSiGHT™ in 2007 which was my first year of practice, and it has been the single best investment I’ve made in my practice. It immediately transformed my practice with a more professional approach of measurement and reporting. This helped my practice members understand the big picture of what we were doing with care–influencing improvement of the nervous system–which has led to a large percentage of practice members staying with care for years. The evolution in reporting to the CORESCORE™ has helped simplify my communications and gives my practice members something to aim at improving as we talk about their chiropractic care and the lifestyle advantages they can give themselves.

The INSiGHT™ technology has been my steadfast partner in practice for 8 years, now, and I can’t imagine running a practice–and influencing people towards better health–without it.

Dr. Christopher Grier

I’ve luckily never practiced without INSiGHT scans and I honestly don’t know how any chiropractor would feel confident not having them in their office! They are such a great tool for providing care recommendations, directing care protocols and observing progress in our patients – in the objective sense! We love how scans are visual resource so our patients understand the chiropractic care plans we recommend for their children.

Dr. Jen Givens

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