It would be impossible to practice without the INSiGHT. It is loved by our team, parents and the kids we serve!

Dr. Ali Miller

The INSiGHT is everything to us in pediatric Chiropractic! Savings kids starts with Scanning.

Dr. Tony Ebel

The INSiGHT has been instrumental to the growth of our practices. We use it as an attraction tool for our external marketing and use it in clinic as part of our routine spine and nervous system objective testing. Patients love to be measured and tracked. It is is easy to use and it drives the conversation away from just pain to the bigger picture of resilience and adaptation and role of a functioning spine and nervous system. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Adrian Couzner

What you have created is incredible. I really believe too many chiros just don’t know what CLA and the INSiGHT has to offer, and even many Chiros who have an INSiGHT are really under utilizing it. It has to be the best patient education and retention tool we have. I use the INSiGHT in every one of my multi – site offices!

Dr. Jesse Middleton

INSiGHT Scanning Technologies Make the Invisible, Visible

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