Examine patients of all ages
Report Objective Findings
Increase Patient Retention

What is so special about the neuroTECH?

By combining three scanning technologies, a complete neural profile is created, changing the conversation from ‘pain to performance’

    The neuroTECH delivers a series of CORESCORE “neurological report cards” that inform your patients so they remain committed to their care plans. This single-number score is loved by both chiropractors and patients


    The neuroTECH pinpoints the impact that subluxations have on the well-being of children and adults. Looking beyond spinal alignment and symptoms confirms your commitment to clinical excellence


    Objective neuro-spinal scans and CORESCORES create greater certainty when recommending ongoing wellness care. Retention skyrockets when the neuroTECH becomes the hub of examinations and reporting

The INSiGHT neuroTECH Fast, Precise and Complete

Find out more about each of the TECHs
neuroPULSE (HRV)

Where a patient plots on the INSiGHT HRV graph represents how much reserve that patient has to adapt to daily and eventful stressors.

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neuroCORE (sEMG)

Surface EMG is the ideal strategy for measuring the combined outcomes of postural and neuromuscular exhaustion.

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neuroTHERMAL (Thermal)

Thermographic scanning detects patterns of unbalanced temperature regulation. This is a regional autonomic function mediated by the sympathetic motor nerves.

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Why should I scan the nervous system in an examination?

We all know that Chiropractic is more than simple back or neck therapy. It’s all about restoring FUNCTION which isn’t limited to the spine and joints. Adjustments target vertebral subluxations which affect the spine AND the nervous system. INSiGHT scanning allows the clinician to look deeply into the spinal nerve connections and understand the impact these subluxations have on the overall health of the patient. By using valid, reliable and reproducible scanning technologies, chiropractors can report objective data with a new confidence and deliver care plans that improve lives, not just spines.

How can I be sure that INSiGHT technologies are delivering reproducible data?

CLA’s engineers and software programmers, have combined forces to manufacture and provide unrivalled scanning technology that meets and exceeds FDA, Health Canada and international CE marked compliance standards. Designed and built in North America, the INSiGHT provides the precision and accuracy that clinical experts and research teams demand. The INSiGHT thermography, surface EMG, HRV and ROM technologies have been used in research projects that confirm its excellent test-retest and inter-examiner reliability. The INSiGHT scanning system has been a guiding force in chiropractic offices since 1992 and evolved to where it is the leading, innovative chiropractic neurofunctional analysis platform available. Thousands of offices around the world rely on the security and precision built into every INSiGHT scanning device.

How does scanning complement x-ray examinations?

X-rays can be an integral part of a chiropractic examination. They confirm the static alignment and bony changes associated with long term postural stress. INSiGHT technologies looks at the dynamic, neural signals in the motor, sensory and autonomic divisions. INSiGHT scans detect unhealthy stress patterns that affect the performance of the entire nervous system. They are essential in tracking improvements in spinal motion and nerve system function while under chiropractic care. Many offices combine the value of spinal x-rays with the ease and accuracy of INSiGHT scans.

I’ve heard that the purchase of an INSiGHT is an investment. Where does the ROI come from?

Its well known that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, an INSiGHT scan is worth thousands of added dollars in examination and reporting revenues. Having an INSiGHT system ensures a steady and growing stream of examination and re-exam revenue. The CORESCORE and neuroLINK reporting features ensure an educational and inspiring approach to care planning that extends far beyond symptoms. INSiGHT practitioners report with added confidence which means that retention and referrals become the natural way in which the office operates. Having consistent examination and reporting protocols also ensures that associate doctors are offering the same level of reporting expertise.

Do chiropractic techniques change the scans?

The INSiGHT technology seamlessly integrates with all chiropractic techniques being performed today. Adjustments that improve or alter the tone of the spine and nervous system will register those changes on the INSiGHT graphs.

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