Scanning the spine and nervous system is a great idea, however, the greatest benefit occurs when the patient understands the report and commits to a care plan. The second greatest benefit is when the patient refers their family and friends!

How does technology help you accomplish these two monumental tasks?

Simple. First, technology provides the patient a Real Reason To Believe. Hearing the exam outcome from the doctor is necessary, but being able to actually see what the doctor is describing validates in the patient’s mind the need for care. Also, having the ability to track re-exams with the patient further re-enforces the big story of chiropractic. This keeps them coming back and helps increase your retention.

Second, technology is the Dramatic Difference for your practice.

Studies have shown that practices without advanced technology are perceived as being antiquated, behind the times and cheap when it comes to patient care.

Third, technology can Simplify the Communication Process. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. And pictures that tell a great story empower the patient in wanting to do better, improve and be healthier. And an engaged, committed patient will refer family and friends!

Here’s some examples of what the INSIGHT Technology has done for these doctors:

What does this look like in application?

Let’s take a look at the featured image of this article that comes from Dr. Anthony Ebel, pediatric chiropractic expert. The story is raw. A two-year old patient was brought into Dr. Ebel’s office after a year of other therapies and diet changes. The patient’s parents reported their child was mostly non-verbal, had poor to no eye contact, sensory, sleep, and behavioral issues. The road was taking them to a diagnosis of autism that the child’s mother wanted to “get ahead of”. After just 2 months of adjustments with Dr. Ebel the patient is talking more, making eye contact, calmer, sleeping better, and seems overall happier. Not only do we have the physical results, but the parents are actually able to make the connection thanks to INSiGHT technology!

The featured picture is his pre- and post- thermal scans showing clear objective neurological improvement.

Thanks for reading!

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