Do you play chess?

The wellness journey, much like a chess game, involves strategic moves and counter-moves driven by the body’s innate intelligence. 

Just as a chess grandmaster analyzes the board from multiple angles, the INSiGHT neuroTECH offers a comprehensive analysis of the neurological state of your patient’s body, like uncovering hidden threats on a chessboard.

It allows chiropractors to look beyond the obvious symptoms and spinal alignments, delving deeper into the body’s intricate strategies for maintaining optimal wellness and balance. 

With these reports, you can then create care plans with greater certainty, ensuring that your recommendations are based on objective data, reinforcing the patient’s trust in their care plan.

With thousands of practitioners worldwide utilizing the INSiGHT neuroTECH, not having it in your practice is putting you at a disadvantage!

Schedule a strategy session with our team to discuss taking a smart new approach in your practice utilizing state-of-the-art technology that gives you the ability to, like a masterful game of chess, be strategic with every adjustment you make.


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Dr. David Fletcher is actively involved in all aspects of innovation teaching and research connected to the INSiGHT™ scanning technologies. He is widely recognized for his ability to share his expertise in compelling and easy to understand ways.

Dr David is a renowned chiropractor who practiced for many years with his associates in a scan-centric thriving principled family-based practice in Toronto. He is a sought-after teacher mentor and keynote speaker who takes every opportunity to share the wisdom and the power of chiropractic as it is meant to be.
Dr. David Fletcher
DC FRCCSS(C) – Founder & CEO CLA Inc.


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