How many times have you resolved to lose weight, only to quit mid-month? This year, start setting the right kind of resolutions.

Four out of five people who make New Year’s resolutions will eventually break them and won’t even make it to February. Experts agree that the reason we quit is that we make resolutions that are too vague or too unachievable, so we quit. If you want to make this your best year yet, follow these suggestions on what resolutions NOT to make.

“I’m Going on a Diet.”
When you wake up on January 1st saying “this is the first day of my diet”, you’re setting yourself up to fail. “Diet”, to most people means hunger, misery and abandoning your normal routine. Pledge to make healthy food choices. You’ll see more results by simply resolving to cut processed and refined foods from your meals.

“I’m Going to the Gym Every Day.”
Weight loss is a basic formula – burn more calories than you eat. If you’ve never set foot in a gym, don’t declare in January that you’re going to work-out every day. Start slowly and add more workouts until you’re exercising for about 30 minutes, five times a week.

“I’m Going to Lose Weight, Exercise More, Save Money, etc.”
The problem here is making too many resolutions. You’re more likely to succeed if you make one resolution rather than five. The more specific the resolution, the better. It’s hard to achieve a goal if you’re too vague or too broad. If you want a resolution to stick, it has to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, balanced and unrestrictive.

“I’m Going to Lose Weight All By Myself.”
When you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t have to post it on your Facebook page or tweet about it, but you should find some support among family and close friends. Weight loss buddies are critical in sustaining your goals. They can provide you with the motivation to continue when you are stressed and frustrated and hold you accountable, helping you to continue with your goals. One of the best weight loss buddies to have is your chiropractic wellness team! Talk to your chiropractor to get great support and tips.

“I’m Going to Skip Breakfast.”
Think you can save 300 calories if you skip breakfast? Big mistake. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you don’t eat a healthy breakfast, it can sabotage your weight loss goals. Come noontime, you’re starving and you’ll overeat because you’re so hungry. Better to resolve to eat smaller meals and healthy snacks throughout the day. The years come and go but you can achieve your goals by setting reasonable resolutions that work!

Top Exercise Excuses
We all know by now that regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and a key ingredient in weight loss, weight maintenance and warding off diseases. So why do people still come up with every excuse not to work out?

Here are some common excuses:
“I’m too Busy.” This is simply a matter of setting priorities. Get up a little earlier or walk during lunch. The American Heart Association found that you can reduce your risk of stroke by walking for as little as 15 minutes a day.

“Exercise is Boring.” Doing the same exercise every day can get boring. Mix it up with exercises that are fun. Try swimming, skiing, tennis, yoga, Zumba and more. Find a fitness method that works for you. Ask your chiropractic team for suggestions and guidance!

“Joining a Gym Costs too Much.” Gym memberships can get pricey, and any amount is too much if you don’t use it. One of the best things you can do is start a walking routine. You can walk anywhere and the only cost is a comfortable pair of shoes. Walking can help with weight loss and help ward off diabetes.

“I’m too Tired.” Once you’ve dragged yourself to the gym you’ll feel better and more energized, not more exhausted. Working out improves muscle strength and boosts endurance. It gets your blood flowing and your cardiovascular system working more efficiently. So drop the excuses and get moving!

Are You Ready to Get Happy? We challenge ourselves to eat right and exercise, but when was the last time you set a happiness goal for yourself? Now’s your chance to boost your mood, gain more energy and lose a few pounds in the process.

1. Move your body. Exercise can raise serotonin levels in your brain, so walk, ride your bike or do some kind of workout each day.

2. Get your ZZZs. Make sure to get in at 7-9 hours of sleep a night. There are enormous health benefits of a good night’s sleep.

3. Quiet your mind. Unplug, tune out and just breathe. It’s important to give your brain a rest from our over-stimulated, over-scheduled world.

4. Count your blessings. Remind yourself what you should be grateful for each and every day and keep focused on the positive.

5. Get Adjusted. Getting regularly adjusted has innumerable benefits on the body and nervous system. Especially when engaging in more physical activity, it’s also very important to make sure that your body is balanced so that you don’t do more harm than good.

6. Measure your mood. Check in with yourself daily and notice how your happiness levels increase and your stress levels decrease the more you move, sleep and get adjusted.

Thanks for reading!

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