We juggle many roles: doctor, small business owner, trusted advisor, and sometimes, social media personality. All these personas come together, driven by our passion to inspire and educate the public about the importance of chiropractic care.

Balancing these roles is a full-time job. One way to keep it all in perspective is by recognizing the importance of what I call the Patient Life Cycle. This cycle covers the four phases in a patient’s journey as they integrate chiropractic into their health and wellness paradigm. These phases are crucial, and mastering them will transform your practice.


The Four Phases of the Patient Life Cycle

1. Attraction: Drawing Patients In

The first phase of the Patient Life Cycle is Attraction, which essentially means marketing. Everything from our attire to our speech is a form of marketing. The essence of any practice lies in becoming and staying visible. Attraction is about knowing, without doubt, that you are the best at what you do and that you are ready to welcome anyone into your practice. It’s a blend of happiness, certainty, and confidence in every interaction and piece of content you create. This phase is about bringing the right people into your life, not just selling services.

2. Clinical Excellence and the Use of Systems

The next phase is Clinical Excellence and the Use of Systems. This phase is about turning chiropractic care into a reality for your patients. Great chiropractors are also great clinicians, clear on the focus of their consultations and exams. They stay on the cutting edge of clinical application, supported by robust systems and dedicated team members. Investing in the right technologies helps maintain a laser focus on identifying the causes of disruptions in a patient’s life through the lens of chiropractic care. This phase is critical for gathering the information necessary for the subsequent steps.

3. Reporting: Relating Findings

Reporting, the third phase, is more than just presenting clinical results. It’s an opportunity to relate findings in a way that builds rapport and fosters trust. Many doctors lose focus here, either by delving too deeply into metaphysical explanations or by mimicking the dryness of a medical specialist. Instead, this phase should be about certainty and invitational language, focusing on the Real Reason To Believe (RRTB…more on that later) The INSiGHT scans and their reports are designed to support this crucial communication phase.

4. Care Planning: Inviting Commitment

The final phase, Care Planning, is where everything comes together. Here, you invite the patient into your chiropractic worldview. At this point, they are not just committing to a care plan but to their performance, overall health, and untapped potential. This phase involves a detailed plan that considers the patient’s entire journey and sets the foundation for their health manifesto.

Embrace the Journey

I’ve often said, “You get paid to the level of certainty that you bring to this conversation.” It’s time to be compensated handsomely for your commitment to chiropractic care.

Thanks for taking the time to familiarize yourself with the Patient Life Cycle. The masters who build exceptional practices invest in improving outcomes across all four phases, and scanning with the INSiGHT neuroTECH will help you showcase each of these four phases.

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