Synapse has been Designed with Stunning Reports and Scan Views that Capture the Attention of Your Patients

Instantly show how powerful chiropractic is using iPad scanning and reporting. It’s never been easier to grow the practice that you’ve been dreaming of.
Show, Don’t Just Tell

This iOS App distinguishes your practice using state-of-the-art technologies to deliver objective findings as you plan and provide patient care

Today’s patients seek offices that use leading edge technologies to provide them with the best care possible

Benefit to you:

With Synapse you will: Be seen, Be heard, Be certain

Benefit to your patient:

Instant recognition of the impact that stress is having on their health

CORESCORE: The Neurological Report Card

Synapse creates Adult and Childrens CORESCORE reports that compare progress over time

Start with their Initial exam; move to Progress; jump to Comparative and carry on with Continuation CORESCORES

Benefit to you:

You’ll always have a clear, objective perspective of your patient’s nervous system

Benefit to your patient:

Patients find the CORESCORE easy to understand because it show measurable progress making the invisible, visible

Create Individual and Dual Reports

You can use 1, 2 or 3 INSiGHT technologies in any exam

Choosing any combination of the technologies produces a distinct report that includes built-in interpretation, scores and the ability to share scan results

Benefit to you:

Customize your use of INSiGHT scanning technologies to match your scanning and reporting style

Benefit to your patients:

Patients can instantly see and read about their results from any scanning assessment

Expand your story with the neuroLINK

neuroLINK is Synapse’s built in patient education tool featuring neural connections between the spine and end organs

It highlights affected spinal nerves so patients can learn that chiropractic care is not limited to back or neck problems

Benefit to you:

Easily shifts the conversation from how your patient feels to the how the nervous system controls their body’s functions

Benefit to patient:

Patients understand the connection between their spine and their overall health

Generate personalized Scan Views with pre-set templates

We provide several CLA recommended Scan View templates that have been designed by chiropractic experts

You can also create any number of customized, preset templates to make your scanning experience personalized and efficient

Benefit to you:

You or your team members can analyze and report from multiple scan views in a flash

Benefit to your patient:

Patients can see their progress and stay connected to their ongoing plan

Display Scans Many Ways

Avoid printing by sharing scans. You can email, text or AirDrop scans directly to the patient sitting in front of you from your iPad

Still like printing? No problem. You can print directly to your wireless printer from your iPad

Benefit to you:

Digitally shared or printed, scans makes it easy to share findings and they can then share their results with family members, increasing referral potential

Benefit to your patient:

Patients show greater connection to their care when provided with reports that are understandable and easy to read or retrieve on their own devices

Why choose CLA’s latest software innovation, Synapse

Precise, Reliable and Reproducible are words that researchers and chiropractors use when describing INSiGHT technologies
Create ‘neurological report cards’ with the INSiGHT, Powered by Synapse
  • Adult and Children’s CORESCORE reports are neurological report cards, used to track improvements and plan ongoing care
  • INSiGHT software provides built-in interpretation and reporting, simplifying care planning and increasing patient compliance
  • Reports are customizable so it looks and feels like your practice
  • neuroLINK connects scan results with education! It shows the connection between spinal nerves and the organs and glands, all with research references
The INSiGHT makes the Invisible, Visible! It’s ‘neuroscience at your fingertips’
  • Hidden spinal and neural stress patterns are instantly detected by INSiGHT scanning
  • As Chiropractic adjustments ignite new neural and muscular activity, INSiGHT scans report how the body is responding. Progress exams have never been more compelling
  • Colorful and informative scan reports can be printed, marked up, AirDropped, projected or sent to your patient’s devices from an iPad

Unlock the Power of Synapse

Synapse was designed so you can introduce communications about your patients nervous system using scanning technologies that produce visual compelling scan reports
Over 20 Customizable Report Options
In-App Support Tutorials
Dedicated INSiGHT Academy Courses
Project, Text or Display Scans
Software Improvements and Updates
Scan Storage in HIPPA/GDPR Compliant Servers

Compare INSiGHT Scanning Software Operating Systems

Synapse (Latest Operating System)
  • Launched in 2021
  • Scan from an iPad
  • Report from an iPad, Mac or PC
  • Cloud-Based data security
  • Access 2 CORESCORES options: Adult and Children
  • Scan offline at screenings
  • 20+ reports to communicate objective findings
  • AirDrop, email, markup and project from an iPad
  • neuroLINK patient education within the app
  • Access to INSiGHT Academy training for DC and CA
  • Revolutionized scanning in 2015
  • Cloud-Based data security
  • Scan from a desktop PC or Laptop
  • Access the Adult CORESCORE
  • neuroLINK patient education in the software
  • Access to INSiGHT Academy training for DC and CA

Trusted and Used by Chiropractors Around the World

Has the CORESCORE changed in Synapse?

Yes. The CORESCORE has been redesigned and there are now two versions of the CORESCORE report. There is an adult CORESCORE and a brand new Children’s CORESCORE. Each report has its own specific calculations and weightings. Adult and Children’s CORESCOREs are built to provide a visual and numeric method for patients to track their progress that shows their improvements and transitions through Initial, Progress, Comparative and Continuation CORESCOREs. Each of these reports presents a different way to understand the value of being under regular care by speaking to the trends and changeability seen in scores and scans.
*Please note that there is a learning curve associated with the use of Synapse. We encourage all offices who are considering using Synapse to be aware that they need to prepare ahead of time, do pre-learning using our vast learning resources including practicing scanning with Synapse on test patients.

What is unique about the Children’s CORESCORE?
    1. Use only wireless technologies. Synapse does not work with older wired INSiGHT tech

The Children’s CORESCORE takes into account the specifics of an overly active EMG readings in a growing spine along with the other interactions of the HRV and thermal scans.

3. Have a team that is keen to learn how this new operating system works using the INSiGHT Academy Courses built for Synapse users.

What reports are available in Synapse?

Synapse reporting has been designed by both educators and data scientists. Algorithms calculate the scan scores and plot the trends from the scanning data. The new reports in Synapse make scans and chiropractic more easily understood by adults and parents of children under care. They are customized to demonstrate the results of that actual patient. Single tech, Dual tech and a redesigned CORESCORE Reports are now available and detail the results of the scans and provide comprehensive information. Scan views, without reports, are also available and can be customized in their presentation using our Scan View Generator.

How do I learn to use Synapse and train my team to use it?

Synapse was built to be intuitive with the idea that you and your staff could have the resources to master scanning quickly and efficiently. First, the Synapse App includes an in app Help Section. This library of tutorials on scanning, interpretation and reporting that can be accessed at anytime. It has detailed training for scanning, interpretation and reporting. Second, there is an online user manual that has search and key word options. Third, we offer online Quick Start Guides to provide quick access to information. Lastly, the INSiGHT Academy provides an entire course with many lessons specifically on Synapse.

*Please note that there is a learning curve associated with the use of Synapse. We encourage all offices who are considering using Synapse to be aware that they need to prepare ahead of time, do pre-learning using our vast learning resources including practicing scanning with Synapse on test patients.

I already use the INSiGHT. Can I use CLA’s latest software version, Synapse?

Common Questions you may have about INSiGHT Scanning Software

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