People have these great ideas, they call them resolutions. The end of the year comes around and everyone has something they can improve on. But the thing about resolutions, and ideas, and goals, is that they have to have sticking power. It came to me, dawned on me really, that the ones that really matter are the ones that last a lifetime.

Here’s one resolution I love, and it’s based on a principle that we, as chiropractors, know innately. Very simply, you have to learn to give before you get. And that’s a really cool thing for chiropractors especially, because the whole premise of chiropractic is really about giving. We give adjustments, we give great care plans, we give people the opportunity to lead a balanced, healthy life.

The reality of giving is that it is a choice. And there’s no limit to how much you can give! You weren’t granted a limited amount of say, 10,000 decisions in your life and life said, “You better use them wisely!” We have an unlimited amount of decisions that we can make, and what if one of those decisions was that it was important to give before you get?

What would happen if you think less about how to get families into your practice, and more about how you can give them an opportunity that would heal the entire family? What would happen if your marketing strategies were about giving the message, instead of getting the patients? How about giving adjustments, before getting paid?

There is no shortage of opportunities. You were given the greatest gift of life, you get to be a chiropractor! We struggle getting through school, we all do, it’s a tough course! But then we work our way through it, we cross the finish line and we are on top of our game. But once we’re past the finish line, all of a sudden this fear washes over you like, “Oh no, what am I going to do next?” Now all these nasty, dirty thoughts float through your head, and we start thinking that we’re going to go under if I don’t see X amount of people in X number of months.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s not the only way to think about it. The solution is quite simple: give before you get. This vision of yourself of being a doctor, this amazing opportunity you’ve been given, you need to draw upon. You need to realize that you are at your best when you are healing, and healing is the act of giving.

So here’s my first act of giving in 2018, to all of you in our community of chiropractic. I have put together a packet of free Practice Tips and Strategies for you to look through. These are tips that I have compiled from my years running my own successful practice, that have helped me through the hard times and magnified the great ones. Check it out by clicking here.

Make this the year of giving everyone, and let’s not only start 2018 with a bang, but keep the spark alive all the way to 2019!

Thanks for reading,

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