When the ACA press release was distributed, calling the World Chiropractic Alliance a “fringe group” and accusing it of working with the medical establishment to defeat the VA bill, some doctors actually thought the ACA was telling the truth. They did not realize that the professional “spin doctors” at ACA headquarters had deliberately misrepresented the facts.

Christopher Kent, D.C., member of the World Chiropractic Alliance Board of Directors issued the following response to those doctors:

The news release from the ACA contains patently false and misleading claims. The ACA is attempting to rewrite history.

When the ACA/ACC draft of the proposed legislation was released, we were deeply concerned with several provisions. For example, D.C.s would be primary care providers only in “under-served” areas. The language also required only treatment for “musculoskeletal conditions.”

WCA merely asked D.C.s to contact legislators to insure the inclusion of direct access to subluxation-based care. The ACA/ACC proposal was not acceptable to us as written.

Ironically, the final VA proposal was NOT “torpedoed” by the WCA, but by the ACA/ICA/ACC coalition, because they found it unduly restrictive!


1. WCA’s lobbyist has repeatedly attempted to work with the ACA and ACC. The ACA and ACC have not accepted our offer.

2. WCA has not been in communication with, much less worked with, the AMA, APTA, NACM, etc.

3. For ACA to suggest that WCA is a “fringe group” when the ACA represents only a small minority of U.S. D.C.s is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

4. WCA is not the cause of the divisiveness alluded to, but one of the victims of ACA’s unwillingness to work with WCA’s Washington office to secure wording that would be acceptable to all parties.

5. WCA has not opposed the use of rehabilitative or physical therapy procedures, although we acknowledge that strategically, we must have a unique service to offer, and not merely be another provider of PT services. That is why we seek to INCLUDE subluxation correction. We have NOT sought to EXCLUDE the treatment of musculoskeletal disorder, PT, or rehab.

6. If the ACA/ACC/ICA would work with the WCA, I believe that we could draft legislation that would be acceptable to all of the organizations involved, allowing D.C.’s freedom of choice in how to practice.

Regretfully, the ACA has not exhibited candor in its claims regarding the WCA.

We will continue to take the high road, regardless of disingenuous accusations and name calling.

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