As practitioners dedicated to the art and science of chiropractic, we understand the profound impact of neuroplasticity. The adaptability of the nervous system is what allows our patients to recover from injuries, adapt to new situations, and overcome chronic conditions. But achieving significant neuroplastic changes requires more than just sporadic adjustments, it demands a commitment to a personalized, long-term care plan that allows for a fuller expression of their innate performance potential.

Neuroplastic transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It may take weeks or even months of consistent care to observe significant changes. However, once patients cross a certain threshold, the benefits of neuroplasticity accelerate, leading to rapid improvements in their health and quality of life. This journey requires patience, dedication, and a strategic approach that goes beyond traditional methods.


Our innovative suite, the INSiGHT neuroTECH, combines the use of three unique instruments — the neuroPULSE, neuroCORE, and neuroTHERMAL — which offer unparalleled insights into the nervous system. These tools are designed to help you understand and influence the neuroplastic journey of your patients, providing detailed data that guide your interventions.

neuroPULSE: Unveiling Autonomic Balance

Through Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis, the neuroPULSE sheds light on autonomic balance and adaptability. This tool is essential for pinpointing stress responses and areas of dissonance that necessitate attention. By measuring HRV, you can assess how well a patient’s nervous system is adapting to stress, providing a clear picture of their autonomic health.

neuroCORE: Mapping Spinal Muscle Tone

Utilizing surface EMG technology, the neuroCORE reveals the intricacies of spinal muscle tone. This tool highlights stress points that contribute to nervous system tension and offers clues to underlying emotional states. By understanding these patterns, you can develop targeted strategies to alleviate tension and promote optimal nervous system function.

neuroTHERMAL: Detecting Thermal Imbalances

The neuroTHERMAL instrument detects thermal imbalances along the spine, providing direct evidence of autonomic dysregulation. This tool is crucial for guiding interventions towards areas most in need of care. By addressing these thermal imbalances, you can help restore proper autonomic function, facilitating the body’s natural healing processes.

Crafting Personalized Care Plans

Together, these tools enable you to craft dynamic, personalized care plans. The beautiful scan reports generated by the INSiGHT neuroTECH suite provide a comprehensive picture of your patient’s progress, allowing you to tailor your approach to their specific needs. This level of detailed insight is invaluable for guiding patients through their journey of healing and adaptation.

The Role of Consistency in Neuroplasticity

Consistency is key when it comes to promoting neuroplastic changes. Regular, targeted interventions based on the insights gained from the INSiGHT neuroTECH tools ensure that your patients receive the care they need to achieve lasting improvements. As patients continue to engage with their personalized care plans, they will begin to experience the profound benefits of neuroplasticity, including enhanced resilience, better stress management, and overall improved health.

Transforming Patient Care

By integrating the INSiGHT neuroTECH suite into your practice, you are not only enhancing the level of care you provide but also deepening your connection with your patients. This comprehensive approach sets your practice apart as a beacon of innovative, empathetic chiropractic care. You have the power to transform the concept of neuroplasticity from an abstract idea into a tangible reality, helping your patients achieve unparalleled outcomes.

Neuroplasticity holds the key to unlocking your patients’ true potential for healing and adaptation. With the INSiGHT neuroTECH suite, you can navigate the complex interplay of physical, emotional, and neurological wellness, guiding your patients towards better performance.

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Dr David is a renowned chiropractor who practiced for many years with his associates in a scan-centric thriving principled family-based practice in Toronto. He is a sought-after teacher mentor and keynote speaker who takes every opportunity to share the wisdom and the power of chiropractic as it is meant to be.
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