neuroPULSE (HRV)

Test, Don’t Guess! CLA’s neuroPULSE calculates Heart Rate Variability (HRV), arousal levels and temperature, providing an in-depth measurement of adaptability. From newborns to seniors, HRV is the ideal, non-spinal test that confirms chiropractic’s impact on health and performance

Facts about the neuroPULSE:

Measures the effect of subluxations on the ability to recover and adapt

Calculates the balance and activity levels of the Autonomic Nervous System

Simplified and controlled scan collection ensures accurate results

Tracks recovery and resilience in easy-to-understand graphs and reports

Ear-clip and finger sleeve sensors designed for pediatric assessments

Shifts the message and care plan goals to improving adaptability

  • Plots the balance and activity between Sympathetic and Parasympathetic control along with heart rate, temperature and anxiety testing (GSR)
  • Calculates the Adaptive Reserve of a patient’s Autonomic Nervous System using Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Additional plug in, earclip and finger sleeve sensors makes neuroPULSE ideal for use in pediatric and family practice

neuroCORE (EMG)

Surface EMG scans the neurology that maintains posture and spinal movements. Spinal imbalance and chronic subluxations create neuromuscular exhaustion

Facts about the neuroCORE:

Fast, reproducible full spine scans in under 2 minutes

Pinpoints reactive and exhausted neuromuscular areas

Calculates postural energy expenditure and neuro-spinal efficiency

Detects emerging patterns and asymmetries in developing children

Choose 5 different scan graphs and the neuroLINK to educate patients

Onboard, touchscreen navigation simplifies examinations

  • Accurate and reliable sEMG scanning delivers postural energy scores and identifies over-stressed and subluxated spinal regions
  • Precision engineered to capture neuromuscular interference in both children and adults
  • Five separate graphs show patterns of asymmetry and efficiency of postural activity. The neuroCORE score is used as part of the CORESCORE


Thermographic scanning expands the chiropractic story beyond the spine by exploring the deeper nerve connections that control organs and glands and skin temperature

Facts about the neuroTHERMAL:

Complete full spine scan in under 30 second scan

Ideal spinal-neural check up for newborns and children

Instantly analyze patterns, pre and post adjustment

Rolling or segmental modes show how stress patterns change under care

neuroLINK integration, educates patients on the impact of subluxations

Onboard screen ensures accurate and reproducible examinations

  • Delivers full spine, thermographic scanning results in less than 30 seconds
  • Detects and rates fractional temperature differences at every spinal level using infrared technology
  • Adjustable sensor positioning allows readings from any size spine (infant or adult) including comparison of fossa temperatures at C1

Additional Hardware Available for Specialists


Range of Motion is a critical measurement in restorative care. The dual inclinometer design, with its specialized hands-free attachment, ensures accurate, reproducible results

Facts about the spine ROM:
  • A full, 6-Range test can be completed in under 1 minute in each spinal region
  • Wireless, bluetooth calculates and subtracts movement artifacts, ensuring accurate readings
  • Compact design with straps for each spinal region, allow for hands free collection
  • Excellent for use in personal injury and insurance cases
  • Uses AMA published guidelines to rate disability
  • Generates a narrative report used extensively in insurance claims


SpineSENSE uses pressure algometry to objectively measure the sensitivity of paraspinal tissues. The subjective nature of spinal symptoms can be replaced by using spineSENSE

Facts about the spineSENSE:
  • Quantifies spinal sensitivity and response to pressure
  • Creates a visual map of pressure and pain sensitivity along the spine
  • Helps patients visualize their improvement
  • Used in personal injury cases and sports injury management
  • Combines with spineROM and neuroCORE to monitor spinal-neural improvements
  • Generates a narrative report used extensively in insurance claims

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