The Pot of Gold Solution 

Everyone has heard about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  A golden solution now exists for converting examination results into complaint care plans. The INSiGHT neuroPULSE (HRV) is the profession’s most sought after HRV analysis system, not only because of its research-grade, precision instrumentation but more importantly because of its Rainbow Graph.

Activity in the Vagus Nerve 

HRV or Heart Rate Variability is a measure of a person’s adaptive reserve. Ongoing physical, postural and emotional stress erodes everyone’s ability to bounce back. The inborn ability of resiliency and recovery is managed by the nervous system,especially the activity of the Vagus Nerve. HRV is an incredibly accurate way to measure the activity that the Vagus Nerve brings to a stressed-out system. 

As a chiropractor, you know how powerful adjustments are at releasing neural tension and balancing the entire functioning nervous system but are you showing those changes to your patients? CLA has designed the most doctor and patient friendly reporting available for HRV assessments. The “Rainbow Graph” allows instant recognition of whether a person is in a Sympathetic storm and whether they have enough in their tank to manage this and other daily stresses. 

At the end of the Rainbow

Non-chiropractic HRV programs compare their results to the public average. We all know  there are a lot of subluxated people in this world! The team at CLA recognized that we should be helping our patients see how far they can improve and how adaptive they can become while under chiropractic care. Using our vast amount of  HRV data collected from chiropractic offices, we could determine what a “well adjusted” zone looks like. Not surprisingly, the amount of Autonomic Activity and Autonomic Balance in chiropractic patients far exceeded the public norms. Now it was time to use that data to inspire and inform and give chiropractors a  “Pot of Gold Solution”.

Four Quadrants + a Green Zone

The neuroPULSE is a unique scanning instrument that is far more evolved than other forms of HRV collection (more on that at another time)! 

When HRV is calculated by measuring heart beat intervals, the balance between the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nervous system can be calculated. This is vital  to observe whether Vagal tone is adequate to calm down the raging Sympathetic storm that most people live in. But, an even more important factor to measure is the AMOUNT of “horsepower” that the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) has. That horsepower allows one to  jump onboard and manage stressful events. This is where HRV becomes a super valuable metric! CLA’s visual graphing tool, the Rainbow Graph, takes this complex data and makes it understandable for chiropractors, parents, athletes and all ages of patients. The graph shows a Green Zone near  the top and in the middle of the four quadrants. This is where you and your patients want to live!  A healthy, efficient and adaptive ANS is the hallmark of a resilient person at any age. The Green Zone represents a body-mind at ease and at the ready and in chiropractic we describe the green Zone as being, “well adjusted”. 

Want to know more about the Zones in the Rainbow Graph? Check out the Blog called ‘Zoning out with HRV’ where I describe the four quadrants and how to communicate the impact of chiropractic adjustments on getting them to the Green zone. 


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Your Guide to Transformational Reporting

Read more about how the CORESCORE is an integrated neural efficiency index that is calculated when the INSiGHT technologies are combined in an exam to create a profile. Learn about how this single number index, gives the chiropractor and the patient something to compare to over time.

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