CLA understands the challenges chiropractors face in providing comprehensive care while effectively communicating the intricacies of the nervous system to their patients. That’s why we developed the INSiGHT neuroTECH, a powerful suite of three scanning instruments designed to elevate your practice and improve patient outcomes. The INSiGHT’s scanning technology combined with our powerful Synapse software provides a thorough assessment of your patient’s nervous system, giving you the insights you need to deliver exceptional care.

Transform Your Patient Interactions with Synapse and neuroLINK

An integral part of the INSiGHT scanning system is our Synapse software, which includes an array of features to streamline diagnostics and enhance patient education. Among these features is neuroLINK, an innovative tool designed to bridge the gap between complex neurological data and patient understanding. A version of neuroLINK is also available within the myINSiGHT software platform. 

neuroLINK is a dynamic patient education tool that illustrates the neural connections between the spine and end organs. It highlights affected spinal nerves,connecting them to the end organs and then, with a simple click, pulls up published chiropractic research related to outcomes in that organ group.


Changing the Conversation: From Symptoms to Systemic Wellness

Using the neuroLINK on your iPad during patient consultations can revolutionize the way you communicate scan results. You’ll  be able to guide the conversation towards how the nervous system controls various bodily functions. This approach helps patients grasp the broader impact of their spinal health on overall wellness and performance.

Why INSiGHT Scanning with neuroLINK is Essential for Your Practice

  1. Comprehensive Nervous System Assessment: The INSiGHT neuroTECH, with its three advanced scanning devices, provides a detailed analysis of the nervous system.

  2. Engaging Patient Education: neuroLINK transforms complex neurological data into easy-to-understand visuals, making it simpler for patients to understand their condition 

  3. Improved Patient Communication: Shift the focus from symptoms to the root causes, helping patients understand the importance of spinal health in overall wellness.

  4. Enhanced Patient Commitment: Educated patients are more likely to commit to their care plans and understand the value of ongoing chiropractic care.

Integrating INSiGHT scanning and the neuroLINK into your practice not only enhances your diagnostic capabilities, but also enriches your patient interactions. Empower your patients with knowledge and foster a deeper understanding of their nervous system with our cutting-edge technology.

For more information about INSiGHT scanning and how neuroLINK can transform your patient care, chat with our team or click here to take our Practice Blocker Quiz to find out if scanning is right for you.

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Dr. David Fletcher is actively involved in all aspects of innovation teaching and research connected to the INSiGHT™ scanning technologies. He is widely recognized for his ability to share his expertise in compelling and easy to understand ways.

Dr David is a renowned chiropractor who practiced for many years with his associates in a scan-centric thriving principled family-based practice in Toronto. He is a sought-after teacher mentor and keynote speaker who takes every opportunity to share the wisdom and the power of chiropractic as it is meant to be.
Dr. David Fletcher
DC FRCCSS(C) – Founder & CEO CLA Inc.

INSiGHT Communication Guide

This quick read covers the importance of communicating clearly and simply to your practice members.

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