Circumstances create leadership opportunities. This past week has been tumultuous for our dear friends and colleagues along the East coast. Hurricane or Super Storm Sandy devastated or interrupted millions of lives and businesses. Our thoughts, prayers and messages of hope are sent to everyone affected.

Now is the time when the leadership gene inside of all chiropractors could be activated. Our company, the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, CLA, sits in the epicenter of this chaos and damage. Our New Jersey offices missed the direct hit but our team members, like most other NJ or NY residents got blasted. Their homes and properties were damaged and at this writing, several are still without light and heat.

A bit further down the coast, on Staten Island, a wonderful chiropractor Dr. Rich Bove, shared the incredulous story of what devastation looks and feels like. He has no practice left. His home and office were spared but his practice members and their homes are literally missing, swept away or crushed. My office manager, Linda, was brought to tears as Rich shared his traumatic message. It’s time for the rest of us to choose a leadership role as never before.

The stress of seeing a Katrina or Sandy plow through a community becomes another sound bite or video clip in the milieu of messages we get every day. However, these life events leave indelible stains on the fabric of everyone’s health and well being. Let me tell you, from my experience, this is far too real to sweep under the rug. Patients from every corner of America, Canada or elsewhere in the world are affected by the images of the world’s most important city being swamped and burned. Add to this the divisive national vote about to happen today, November 6, 2012 and there is more than a sense of distraction that overwhelms the senses.

Hit the pause button on your busy life for just a moment. Reflect on the present and the near past. Ask yourself how your footprint on the world affects everyone else and take a stand for what is true and right. Healing begins from within. We are the hope and the message for a safer and brighter future within healthcare.

Chiropractic was built on the goodness of trust. As chiropractors, we trust the healing capacities of every patient we adjust. We trust and protect the very right to practice in our own unique way and we rely on the trust of families to bring their children and loved ones to us so that we may do what we do best: arouse the Innate response from within and care for people when they need us the most.

Chiropractors are a hopeful breed. We see more of the future than the past. Now is the time to show that we care. Reach out to the stressed and depressed in your communities. Help them understand and experience their own personal power. Open the door of possibility to all people. Tear down the barriers of insurance dependency. Shine your light on a drugless solution. Use the amazing tools that help communicate the devastating effects of the subluxation. Call out to friends or colleagues who are struggling. Hurricanes or not, we all need stronger communities to live in. Chiropractic can be the center of healing in your community. Unshackle your vision of what can be accomplished and get busy. There are lives at stake and you hold the starter’s pistol for their race towards wellness.

CLA’s name includes the word “Leadership”. We have led the chiropractic profession with our technologies and training programs. The time has come in my life to ask our many thousands of clients and Total Solution graduates to show the world that there is a profession that cares more than anyone could even begin to imagine.

Thanks for reading!

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