Sixty times a minute your patient’s beating heart tells the story of stress adaptation. The heart’s nervous system is instantly responding to the demands of daily living. It shifts heart paqcing by 1/000ths of seconds to maximize adaptability. This inborn intelligent reaction is directly related to the tension in the nervous system and by using advanced technologies, the amount of adaptive reserve can be calculated. This information is GOLD when discussing neurologically based chiropractic and the power of the adjustments in a care plan.  

Every chiropractor needs to discuss adaptability with their patients.  Spinal pain patients need to adapt to better biomechanics and lifestyles. Parents need to understand the importance of their child’s nervous system. Athletes need to adapt to training demands.

At CLA we believe that chiropractors should own this conversation about adaptability and neurological benefits of a chiropractic care plan.

That’s why we created the neuroPULSE which has become the most widely integrated HRV exam and reporting system in the profession.  

Our wireless neuroPULSE technology moves the chiropractic message to the nervous system and delivers retention and certainty into any practice. Schedule a demo of our latest wireless HRV tech today.

Understanding and utilizing HRV to map a patient’s adaptive reserve allows the conversation to extend beyond symptoms. From Initial Scan to Progress Scan and beyond, neuroPULSE charts show improved adaptability and resilience from an HRV scan.

For example… take a look at these two neuroPULSE graphs:

The same patient was asymptomatic and unaware of the impact of a subluxated nervous system! The green zone represents a well-adjusted nervous system and the centerline represents the ideal balance between the S(Left) and PS(R) activity. Both tests were done with the patient at rest. 

On the left graph, the nervous system exhibits S-Dominance and a low activity level. The patient has no awareness that their nervous system is subluxated and is constantly reacting, without provocation, with a Fight-Flight response that has become their normal. By adjusting the subluxations and balancing the nervous system, this same patient was able to activate their PS controls, reduce the S-Dominant response and begin to “recharge” their adaptive reserve. Their HRV scores reflect this coherent and productive state!

These graphs and scores provided with the neuroPULSE are POWERFUL! They make communication of stress, health and adaptability the cornerstone of a successful chiropractic practice.

Here are some ways the neuroPULSE can be used to not only enhance athlete care but also set your practice apart:

  1. Optimize Training and Performance: Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is not just a health metric—it’s a crucial performance indicator for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. For athletes, maintaining a  higher HRV is correlated with faster recovery times helping them control their overall adaptability to the stresses of training.
  2. Strategic Adjustment Timing: The neuroPULSE can transform how you map out careplans. By regularly monitoring an athletes or a child’s HRV, you can identify the frequency of chiropractic adjustments and discuss critical strategies to maximize improvement.
  3. Visual Progress Tracking: Your patients thrive on quantitative feedback. With neuroPULSE, you can provide visual evidence of how chiropractic care is improving the coordination within the nervous system. This not only educates but also motivates them as they can see tangible improvements in their adaptive reserve—key for their performance and health.

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