The 5 C’s of how the INSiGHT helped me grow our practice:

  1. CERTAINTY in what I was finding on the table.
  2. COMMUNICATION of how to best help practice members understand where they are in their health journey, how long it has been developing for & how to “get where they want to go” on their journey.
  3. CONNECTION of their symptomatology to the FUNCTION of their nervous system & why that is everything in health.
  4. CLARITY for them & myself on the ongoing importance of CHIROPRACTIC in their lives.

The Challenge

We have always worked with a lot of families and children who need a lot of chiropractic care to help them address their health concerns. Unfortunately, I had trouble communicating this need to patients. I didn’t have any data that made sense to me or data to communicate findings to patients. Until I was introduced to the INSiGHT!

The Solution

The INSiGHT changed my practice. We grew from 15% pediatrics to 40% pediatrics in our first year of using the INSiGHT. It cemented certainty on the function of the nervous system as my primary way to communicate with clarity to my patients and their families. We know exactly how best to help families in our practice using the combination of INSiGHT technologies, reports and our expertise in the field of Chiropractic. All in all, the INSiGHT has helped us GROW, GROW, GROW our practice with the ideal people we want to serve.