Why INSiGHT Scanning?

Before attending Chiropractic School, I moved often in my prior career. This gave me a rare opportunity to experience many Chiropractic offices as a patient. Each office utilized the INSiGHT extensively.

During undergrad, I worked as a CA where I was able to see how the INSiGHT deeply impacted patient care on a daily basis. I loved seeing how each piece of technology provided different information to better care for each patient.

The more I learn about the nervous system, the more impressed I am with the INSiGHT’s ability to connect with it.

The Challenge

I believe that by not Scanning as a new grad, beginning practice would be that much more of a challenge. Chiropractic is much more than pain, symptoms, and “bones”. It’s about the nervous system and our bodies’ unmatched potential to self heal and self regulate and the INSiGHT scan is the tool that allows us to track and measure the life changing impact Chiropractic adjustments are having on every patient’s nervous system.

The Solution

I believe that utilizing INSiGHT scanning is a priceless tool for any office. However, by having the knowledge and foundation of the scans as a new grad, I feel it gives a whole new level of certainty and provides a great foundation to build upon.

I plan on using the INSiGHT technology because of its ability to connect to each patient’s nervous system, which allows me to better understand and measure how their body is adapting to everyday life.