Why I use the INSiGHT

  • The INSiGHT neuroTECH is an essential component of my analysis
  • My certainty grew AND the certainty of my patients in understanding wellness / lifestyle care grew too!
  • When used properly, and explained logically, the CORESCORE bridges the brain-body based care we provide!

The Challenge

As a new grad, I worked in a practice with some established DC’s. I was inspired by how their years of experience enhanced their chiropractic certainty. A few years later, when out on my own, I found myself struggling to communicate the bigger picture behind chiropractic outcomes with that same level of certainty. I wanted to shift the conversation away from pain and symptom based care but I wasn’t sure how.

Enter a friend who suggested CLA’s INSiGHT neuroTECH. He explained that it would help me gain confidence in explaining the changes I was observing as my patients progressed through care.

The Solution

As an associate, I worked in an office that used INSiGHT scans. Dr. Gabrielle was familiar with scanning from her internship. We decided that using the INSiGHT would help us establish a rhythm in our family practice. Integrating scans into our office was so easy with the INSiGHT Academy as our learning resource. INSiGHT scanning allowed us to track our patient’s progression of care using objective findings. All in all, we’d both agree that CLA scans are where it’s at! We highly recommend any family-focused practices to use CLA.