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There’s nothing more important to health and performance than a well adjusted nervous system

The INSiGHT neuroTECH perfectly blends advanced scanning technologies with intuitive reporting. By combining Heart Rate Variability, Surface EMG and Thermography, a neural profile is created for any age of patient. These objective examination results create a single-number CORESCORE that informs and inspires your patients. It’s neuroscience at your fingertips.

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Established practice? Looking to break out and take your practice to the next level? But don’t know how?

Look no further. The INSiGHT neuroTECH is a proven strategy that delivers objective findings and powerful reports so you can build wellness care plans that go beyond pain and symptoms, keeping the communication clear and on purpose.

Dr. Jesse Middleton

What you have created is incredible. I really believe too many chiros just don’t know what CLA and the INSiGHT has to offer, and even many Chiros who have an INSiGHT are really under utilizing it. It has to be the best patient education and  retention tool we have. I use the INSiGHT in every one of my multi – site offices!

The INSiGHT neuroTECH gives you the certainty to jumpstart your practice

You will appreciate the evidence that supports the use of the INSiGHT to enhance patient outcomes. Looking beyond symptoms and using leading edge technologies gives you an advantage like no other examination and reporting system. You’ll find it easy to use at screenings, workshops or during patient reports, INSiGHT scanning makes new practices explode with energy

Dr. Jennifer Givens

I’ve luckily never practiced without INSiGHT scans and I honestly don’t know how any chiropractor would feel confident not having them in their office! They are such a great tool for providing care recommendations, directing care protocols and observing progress in our patients – in the objective sense! We love how scans are visual resource so our patients understand the chiropractic care plans we recommend for their children.

Students and interns can experience the power of neurological scanning and reporting as part of their educational journey

Whether it’s in class or in clinic, the INSiGHT is an invaluable part of a chiropractic education. INSiGHT CLA has created a scanning ecosystem that includes technology, software, educational tools and access to a worldwide community of scanning experts, ready to support you to become a scanning pro

Kaylee Wilson

When I chose to pursue a career in Chiropractic, I wanted to be part of an amazing profession that blends the timeless chiropractic principles with today’s leading edge technologies. After experiencing the INSiGHT in offices I worked at before attending school and now getting to use the INSiGHT in clinic during school, I was inspired to master by how powerful its impact was on patient care. I can’t wait to have the INSiGHT as my go-to examination as I graduate and get into practice!

We know that INSiGHT Scanning is at the hub of your exams, reports and care planning

Is it time to explore what’s new and innovative from CLA? We’ve been busy adding features and enhancing performance, and creating on-line learning experiences. Our wireless technologies with on-screen scan displays and our new software exceeds the expectations of today’s discerning chiropractors and their patients.

Dr. Jay Fortier

We’ve happily been using CLA’s INSiGHT scanning technology for 10 years!
Synapse is next level and has become the key to communicating the true value of Chiropractic – supporting the health and vitality of the nervous system.  We’ve built a fun, pediatric and family focused, nervous system based practice and I just can’t picture Uptown Chiropractic without our partner CLA

Elevate Your Examinations with the INSiGHT neuroTECH

Combining three INSiGHT scanning technologies gives you a comprehensive picture of your patient’s neurological status. Heart rate variability, electromyography and thermography scans deliver easy-to-understand findings.
  • Attract patients of all ages
  • Examine and report with certainty
  • Care Plan using objective findings
  • Report with greater certainty?
  • Move your message beyond symptoms?
  • Become a new patient magnet?
  • Impact the families in your community?

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