It's never been easier to give your patients more insight

Get the accuracy of heart rate variability, electromyography and thermography combined into a single number health score delivered with easy-to-understand reports so you can show your patients the importance of chiropractic care.

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Advanced design

Advanced health insights

The INSiGHT neuroTECH combines our neurological scanning technology into a package designed to transform any size or style of practice.

Wireless technologies, cloud-based data security and instant results simplify scanning for both staff and doctors.

  • Designed to scan all ages, including infants.
  • Generates scan views and reports that simplify your communication.

Unparallelled support

  • Unlike other scannings companies, the INSiGHT was designed by chiropractors for chiropractors. We built much more than a business. We built a family. We built a community. And now we're building the future of chiropractic.
  • Our international online network of chiopractors using the INSiGHT are available to support you and celebrate all your scanning success.

Why choose CLA’s INSiGHT technologies?

  • Offers a thorough analysis of the functioning nervous system, not limited to spinal function alone.
  • Designed to continuously educate your patients to move beyond symptom-based care.
  • Customizable scan views allow you to share your chiropractic message.
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Technical specifications

  • Accurate and reliable sEMG scanning delivers postural energy scores and identifies over-stressed and subluxated spinal regions
  • Precision engineered to capture neuromuscular interference in both children and adults
  • Five separate graphs show patterns of asymmetry and efficiency of postural activity. The neuroCORE score is used as part of the CORESCORE
  • Delivers full spine, thermographic scanning results in less than 30 seconds
  • Detects and rates fractional temperature differences at every spinal level using infrared technology
  • Adjustable sensor positioning allows readings from any size spine (infant or adult) including comparison of fossa temperatures at C1
  • Plots the balance and activity between Sympathetic and Parasympathetic control along with heart rate, temperature and anxiety testing (GSR)
  • Calculates the Adaptive Reserve of a patient’s Autonomic Nervous System using Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Additional plug in, earclip and finger sleeve sensors makes neuroPULSE ideal for use in pediatric and family practice

Technical specifications

Find the perfect INSiGHT technologies for your practice

Where a patient plots on the INSiGHT HRV graph represents how much reserve that patient has to adapt to daily and eventful stressors.

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Thermographic scanning detects patterns of unbalanced temperature regulation. This is a regional autonomic function mediated by the sympathetic motor nerves.

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Surface EMG is the ideal strategy for measuring the combined outcomes of postural and neuromuscular exhaustion.

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Our dual inclinometer has been proven to be the most accurate system to detect acute and sub-acute chronic spinal conditions that affect global movement.

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Algometry measures the sensitivity of paraspinal tissues to essentially map out patient pressure and pain sensitivity.

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Share your results, maintain your privacy

All of your scans are HIPAA/GDPR secured and instantly backed up

We’re working with an accomplished Chiropractic community

It's time to take action

Scanning the nervous system is an essential approach to show how consistent adjustments release unhealthy patterns and rebuild new and effective neural processing.

Chiropractic outcomes are focused on the restoration of neural control so that an enlivening process is activated which not only triggers the healing and reorganization of spines, tissues and organs, but prepares the person to be socially, emotionally and physically equipped to accept new and demanding challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does the system cost?

Your best pricing option would be to buy in a bundle, which is one more reason we recommend starting your investment with the neuroTECH. We offer three payment options for INSiGHT instrumentation including leasing, in-house financing, and cash payments. Depending on which technologies and payment plan you select, doctors and their team can begin scanning for as little as $399* per month. Today’s wireless technologies, with their comprehensive reporting and marketing features make the INSiGHT a powerful profit center, with an almost immediate ROI from re-exams as well as increased retention and referrals. Click here to fill out a short questionnaire to get connected with a representative and discuss pricing details.

*This would be all-in monthly charges for Hardware and Synapse Software subscription depending on your Financing plan!

Why should I scan the nervous system in an examination?

We all know that Chiropractic is more than simple back or neck therapy. It’s all about restoring FUNCTION which isn’t limited to the spine and joints. Adjustments target vertebral subluxations which affect the spine AND the nervous system. INSiGHT scanning allows the clinician to look deeply into the spinal nerve connections and understand the impact these subluxations have on the overall health of the patient. By using valid, reliable and reproducible scanning technologies, chiropractors can report objective data with a new confidence and deliver care plans that improve lives, not just spines.

How can I be sure that INSiGHT technologies are delivering reproducible data?

CLA’s engineers and software programmers, have combined forces to manufacture and provide unrivalled scanning technology that meets and exceeds FDA, Health Canada and international CE marked compliance standards. Designed and built in North America, the INSiGHT provides the precision and accuracy that clinical experts and research teams demand. The INSiGHT thermography, surface EMG, HRV and ROM technologies have been used in research projects that confirm its excellent test-retest and inter-examiner reliability. The INSiGHT scanning system has been a guiding force in chiropractic offices since 1992 and evolved to where it is the leading, innovative chiropractic neurofunctional analysis platform available. Thousands of offices around the world rely on the security and precision built into every INSiGHT scanning device.

How does scanning compliment x-ray examinations?

X-rays can be an integral part of a chiropractic examination. They confirm the static alignment and bony changes associated with long term postural stress. INSiGHT technologies looks at the dynamic, neural signals in the motor, sensory and autonomic divisions. INSiGHT scans detect unhealthy stress patterns that affect the performance of the entire nervous system. They are essential in tracking improvements in spinal motion and nerve system function while under chiropractic care. Many offices combine the value of spinal x-rays with the ease and accuracy of INSiGHT scans.

How long does an HRV test take to perform?

Three minutes is the recommended test time. This allows enough pulse waves to be collected so that precise HRV calculations can be made. The neuroPULSE allows you to set your choice of collection times from 1-5 minutes. One minute demonstrations in corporate or public screenings are an excellent way of connecting the community to today’s chiropractic message.

Can HRV be used in a pediatric practice setting?

Absolutely! neuroPULSE is specifically designed to be used with all ages from newborns to seniors. Two external sensors are included to be used with infants and children. An earclip sensor or finger sleeve sensor can be plugged into the neuroPULSE, allowing for accurate collection on the smallest and youngest of patients.

What differences are there between using a fitness HRV app or Heartmath and the neuroPULSE?

Clinical-grade HRV collection requires a very stable pulse pattern. Apps that use the phone cameras or chest straps cannot control the inevitable random movements that alter these pulse patterns. Having the hand fixed on a sensor platform, like the neuroPULSE, produces the most reliable results. As well, neuroPULSE is the only instrument of its kind that simultaneously live streams GSR (anxiety testing) and fingertip temperature. These tests confirm that the pulse wave collection was made in a calm, resting state. It’s also important to note that the neuroPULSE compares patient’s results to a “well-adjusted’ chiropractic database, not simply the population average.

What is the CORESCORE and how can it help me communicate my recommendations?

The CORESCORE is a neural efficiency index, calculated using the combined data from HRV, EMG and thermographic testing. It’s an easily reported single number score that helps the patient understand how stress in the nervous system can build up without them necessarily knowing about it. By using objective data, chiropractic teams can easily communicate their concerns and set longer term goals for achieving a well-adjusted spine and nervous system.

I’ve heard that the purchase of an INSiGHT is an investment. Where does the ROI come from?

Its well known that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, an INSiGHT scan is worth thousands of added dollars in examination and reporting revenues. Having an INSiGHT system ensures a steady and growing stream of examination and re-exam revenue. The CORESCORE and neuroLINK reporting features ensure an educational and inspiring approach to care planning that extends far beyond symptoms. INSiGHT practitioners report with added confidence which means that retention and referrals become the natural way in which the office operates. Having consistent examination and reporting protocols also ensures that associate doctors are offering the same level of reporting expertise.

Do you offer resources or training?

Training is an ongoing commitment at CLA. Our vision is all about changing how chiropractic is viewed and utilized by the public. The INSiGHT is incredibly easy to integrate into any office, and the scans can be interpreted and reported with confidence with little training. CLA offers online webinars, clinical forums, eBooks, academic resources, and live training sessions to ensure staff and doctor training. The best way to learn about scanning is to access the INSiGHT Academy. This comprehensive learning system has been created for you and your team members so you can scan with confidence and report with certainty. Visit for more information. CLA is committed to bringing excitement and ease of use when each INSiGHT scanning system is delivered.

How can I get more referrals using the INSiGHT?

The INSiGHT is a referral machine! When a patient sees their nerve interference patterns on a scan they commit to care. When they see their scores improve they can’t wait to tell others. Because the INSiGHT scans are non-invasive and provide accurate objective data, parents can’t wait to have their children scanned in well-child check-ups. Offices with the INSiGHT become the trusted advisors in the youth sporting communities. Special interest groups looking for offices using responsible, validated approaches in pregnancy and neuro-developmental care offer extensive referral network opportunities. Occupational health, safety and wellness organizations embrace the INSiGHT for its accurate reporting and regularly refer employees for evaluations.

How does the INSiGHT increase patient retention?

Retention is directly related to patient certainty. Once symptoms have subsided a patient must be certain as to WHY they should continue active, restorative care. This is where the INSiGHT excels. Because it is designed to measure FUNCTION, the long history of stressful changes to the spine and nervous system can be seen instantly on the scans while improvements on re-exams can be carefully monitored. Using the INSiGHT in care planning confirms the value to the patient of investing their time and resources into ongoing wellness outcomes instead of a short term, symptom-based response. Most INSiGHT offices report a doubling of their retention statistics within the first 3-5 months of installing the INSiGHT.

Will the INSiGHT get me more patients?

Using INSiGHT technology at the hub of your clinical practice allows you to generate referrals and market yourself into the community. Whether your focus is family-centered care, pediatric, sports or personal injury, scanning and screening with the INSiGHT attracts scores of new patients. Parents refer their children for well-child checkups. Pregnancy and maternal care providers are the most sought offices when the INSiGHT is introduced. Neighbors and co-workers refer each other to get scanned. Corporate wellness programs flourish when the INSiGHT is used to confirm chiropractic’s drugless approach. However creative you can be at introducing chiropractic, the INSiGHT can become your greatest tool for attracting new patients.

Is the INSiGHT easy to interpret?

The short answer is yes! The INSiGHT has been designed to display colorful scan views that instantly show where ongoing patterns of nerve interference are occurring in the sensory, motor and autonomic divisions of the CNS. The color coding, based on objective data, allows the patient to see where significant, moderate and milder patterns have become “locked in” due to their vertebral subluxations. As well, each scan calculates the patient’s personal score when compared to the well-adjusted patient data. An overall CORESCORE aids in the interpretation, reporting and care planning for all ages within the practice. These scan images and scores allow the doctor to interpret neural dysfunction and report in simplified ways that educate and inspire the patient. CLA is dedicated to training both doctors and their team members to excel at interpretation and reporting of INSiGHT scan results.

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Instant feedback

  • It takes only a few minutes to perform a compressive scanning assessment with any aged patient.
  • The intuitive design of our software and instruments makes it easy for anyone in your office to perform accurate and reproducible exams.
  • The INSiGHT allows you to spend less time with the equipment, and more time with your patients.

Detection, Correction

  • The primary goal of scanning is to detect hidden patterns of damaging stress, track changes and then observe scans for improving trends.
  • It’s important to recognize that patients have been tolerating change for years before they seek care. Chiropractic adjustments ignite new neural and muscular activity while restoring greater ANS control.
  • Scanning allows you to recommend responsible care plans with a new level of confidence. As you track their improvements patients are inspired and understand the value of lifetime chiropractic care.
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How does it work?

Technical Spec