Imagine that I’m on a street corner, asking people walking by to play a game of word association.

I say the word “Dentist”, they instantly think, Teeth. I say the word “Optometrist” and they immediately think, Eyes. I say the word, “Chiropractic” and they pause and think, Spine? Misalignments? Back pain?

Chiropractic isn’t as obvious as it should be, so let’s look at how we can redirect someone’s perception to focus on the positive impact that chiropractic has on their entire health and well-being and get them thinking about stress that affects their nervous system.

Over the past years I’ve shared the chiropractic message with incredible success. In that time, I “discovered” the sequence that I refer to as the Critical Shift. Here are the four foundational pillars that help to create a Critical Shift in the perception and acceptance of chiropractic.

The Four Pillars of the Critical Shift

  1. Nerves First: Move their thinking from the spine to the nervous system ASAP
  2. Tell AND Show: Use the power of technology to make the invisible visible
  3. Aware care vs. Scare care: Aim their thinking towards possibilities not crisis management
  4. Mentor or TOR-mentor: Position your message to become the community’s trusted advisor

Pillar One: Nerves First

The magic of chiropractic care comes from reducing tension and resetting the proper tone within the nervous system. Ongoing stress from older injuries, inactivity, emotional distress and dietary or drug misuse overtaxes the nervous system. These persistent stressors slow down the body’s ability to respond and adapt, making the person more vulnerable to inflammation and decreased immune responsiveness. Sometimes they get so stressed that pain becomes the problem along with decreased function. People literally are getting sick from their dis-stress and chiropractic has an answer: Identifying and adjusting vertebral subluxations. Of course, the spine is involved: they are called vertebral subluxations! However, the emphasis is to lead the patient toward the concept of overloaded stress in their daily lives leaving a “stain” on their nervous system that impacts its entire performance. Chiropractic care is all about improving neurological control and much more than bent spines!

Pillar Two: Tell AND Show

Telling the message of chiropractic is a good start but SHOWING the results of an INSiGHT scan of their nervous system. Stress is an invisible process that everyone knows can damage a person’s health. Imagine if you told the chiropractic story and then showed them exactly how the stress in their lives was impacting their health and performance. INSiGHT scans are colorful, and patient centered. The reports have been written by chiropractors and educators to ensure a high degree of compliance and acceptance. The combination of using numbers that “score” their nervous system performance and presenting a professionally designed CORESCORE report seals the deal that your office has taken the time and invested in the latest tech that helps you care for your patients.

Pillar Three: Aware Care vs. Scare Care

As chiropractors and clinicians, we analyze health data and Xray’s without becoming emotional. It’s our job and we are good at it. However, many patients are terrified by Xray results and images that show stages of degeneration. Chiropractic is a message of hope that begins with the understanding that an innate intelligence is just waiting to be unleashed in its fullness to trigger a healing response. It’s easy to create a new level of awareness when INSiGHT scans show how adjustments are progression to recue or remove the obstruction in the nervous system. Scan reports and results inspire compliance and shift the focus from managing disease states to awakening wellness from within. Just imagine how great your day would be to have an entire practice focused on aware care!

Pillar Four: Mentor or Tor-mentor?

This pillar focuses on the play on words where a mentor can become a chiropractic TOR mentor. By creating a unique experience that delivers results, you immediately become their health mentor. What if you could take that relationship to the next level? In the earlier days of the profession, ChiropracTORS were those docs that loved the message of chiropracTIC so much that they enrolled entire families and communities to embrace the “healing from within “principles. They encouraged patients to become the voice of reason in the community by referring to their families, coworkers, neighbors and friends to seek out a chiropractor FOR WELLNESS. Today’s INSiGHT technologies are so easy to use to generate referrals and so complete in their reporting that they inform and inspire retention beyond symptom care. Chiropractic mentorship in any form allows you and your team to become the trusted health and wellness advisors in your community.

The Critical Shift is happening

It’s well known that effective communication is 20% content and 80% tone. When chiropractors and their team take the time to gain certainty in their abilities to scan the nervous system, report with confidence and invite each patient into a care plan that matters, entire families and communities find their way into that office. It may sound too good and too easy but there is an entire worldwide community of #ChirosofCLA who do this every day. Join the movement where chiropractic teams are delivering powerful messages to families in the community and using objective neurological INSiGHT scanning to communicate their passion for people.

Use this link to get more info about INSiGHT scanning and how communication and INSiGHT technologies were designed with you in mind.

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Dr. David Fletcher is actively involved in all aspects of innovation teaching and research connected to the INSiGHT™ scanning technologies. He is widely recognized for his ability to share his expertise in compelling and easy to understand ways.

Dr David is a renowned chiropractor who practiced for many years with his associates in a scan-centric thriving principled family-based practice in Toronto. He is a sought-after teacher mentor and keynote speaker who takes every opportunity to share the wisdom and the power of chiropractic as it is meant to be.
Dr. David Fletcher
DC FRCCSS(C) – Founder & CEO CLA Inc.

Utilizing Heart Rate Variability in a Chiropractic Practice

This e-book provides an overview of how to assess a patient’s adaptive reserve through the use of heart rate variability scan technology. A description of how HRV is tracked is provided in this comprehensive guide. It describes the how vertebral subluxations can be measured over time.

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