Making The Invisible… Visible.

Every  shiver, laugh, heartbeat, memory and emotion are orchestrated by the supercomputer of our body: the central nervous system. What if there’s a way to peek into this vast network of nerves and measure its efficiency? Enter INSiGHT scanning, which unveils the unseen, offering us a tangible glimpse into the world of neural activities.

Performing an INSiGHT scan as part of the onboarding process for your new patients offers an accurate, objective report on the processing efficiency of their spinal Motor and overall Autonomic nervous systems. It’s like taking a neural photograph of how their body has been responding to stress and the subsequent ripple effect it has on their neural functions. 

Three’s a Charm: The Trio Behind the Scans

At the heart of INSiGHT scanning lie three paramount neural tests:

  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measuring ANS balance and capacity to understand adaptability
  • Surface EMG (sEMG) measuring postural spinal muscle tone and activity
  • Thermal scanning detecting imbalances in the spinal ANS regulation of organ and gland function 

Together, they narrate the tale of how dis-stress is dampening your patient’s health and well-being.

1. The neuroPULSE: HRV and Adaptive Reserve

Now, this is where the magic of multifunctionality happens. The neuroPULSE doesn’t just track your heart rate. It’s a trinity scanner measuring heart rate, temperature, and even skin conductance to compute the Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Designed to gauge the onslaught of both short-term and lasting stress on a patient, the neuroPULSE leaves no stone unturned. And guess what? With its special earclip or finger sleeve sensors, even newborns and young children can get in on the scanning action!

2. The neuroCORE: Postural neuromuscular energy

The neuroCORE captures data from the muscles located along the spinal column, identifying any unusual signals. These irregularities are a tell-tale sign of stress reactions within the nervous system and can impact your patient’s posture, drain energy, and cause exhaustion.

3. The neuroTHERMAL: Spinal ANS regulation

As the name suggests, the neuroTHERMAL scans delve into temperature anomalies along the spine. It’s akin to a thermal detective pinpointing regions of unbalanced activity that regulate our patient’s vital organs and glands. By doing so, it uncovers areas where stress is building its fortress, affecting the nervous system.


Say Hello to CORESCORE™: The Neurological Report Card

Blending the rich data from these three tests, voilà, we birth the neural efficiency index, affectionately known as the CORESCORE™. This provides your patients with a snapshot of how their body and nervous system perform in unison. Their CORESCORE™ acts as a compass, revealing the depth of the problem and aiding in tracking improvements.

As stress piles on and affects the spinal nerve function, the entire functional nervous system’s efficiency is at stake. This weighted index beautifully encapsulates the ramifications of the subluxated state, offering a consolidated number that’s easy to understand and track.

Get Powerful Neurological Scanning Results for Your Patients

In the evolving landscape of health and performance, understanding the nuances of our nervous system becomes paramount. Thanks to the synergistic power of HRV, sEMG, and Thermal scanning, we now have an accurate, and easy-to-understand CORESCORE™. So, whether you’re looking to keep tabs on your patient’s neural performance or guiding them on a journey towards optimal wellness, this triad of scans is your ticket to a more informed and healthier future for your patients.

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Dr. David Fletcher

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Dr. David Fletcher
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